Friday 10 March 2017

The Very Hungry Catterpillar Crochet Toy

Watch out there's a hungry catterpillar about! Lock up your fruit and vegetables :)

Loved making this for my friends granddaughter and it is really easy to do, working in the round all the sections join together in one piece so there is not lots of sewing to do! I made it in a week working on it just in the evenings now and again.

Don't make my mistake and decide to leave stuffing to the end (I didn't have any and was keen to get on with the crochet) however I managed to stuff it OK but it would have been easier to do it as I went along.

There is not a great amount of sewing, just the legs, antennae and eyes. 

To help keep the body tight I ran a long thread from nose to tail and pulled it tight sewing it firmly at each end, you don't have to do that but I felt it gave it shape.

Mine came out at around 22" long and about 5" high to top of antennae but you could make it bigger by just keep making more segments - or smaller by using thinner yarn and a smaller hook or less segments.

I used Cygnet Aran yarn in Mint and Forest green and then oddments of yarn from my stash for the other parts. 

Hook size used - 5.00 mm and 5.5 mm

Very easy to follow FREE pattern with clear instructions big thank you to Londie for sharing this for free.

Happy crocheting!



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