Monday 30 May 2016

Crochet Swans Amigurumi

I came across this pattern while looking for something to make as a small crochet gift for a friends wedding. 

It is a free pattern to crochet two swans who stand face to face and their head and beaks form a heart shape.

They were very easy to do and took only a couple of evenings using oddments of white yarn for the bodies and yellow for the beaks, to help hold the neck shape I used pipe cleaners inside the stuffing.

I couldn't use plastic safety eyes as the head was not wide enough to accommodate them - the back posts of the eyes stuck out the other side! So I embroidered them on instead.

I added a red heart to the back of each of them held in place with a crystal bead, I thought it added a little more effect and some more colour. The heart pattern was very simple and came from Attic24:

You can find the free pattern for the swans here: Thank you Brie for a lovely free pattern :)

Happy crocheting!



Wednesday 25 May 2016

Butterflies made from crochet hearts

I love these little butterflies which are made from 5 hearts - 3 small and two larger ones.

The pattern is really easy, the small heart is made in just one round with all the stitches being worked into the first of 4 chains.

The medium and large hearts are all made by starting the small heart and then adding more rounds to give larger sizes. It is so simple but VERY effective.

I made these butterflies in about 45 minutes one evening while watching TV.

You can find the FREE pattern here:

Thank you Elena for sharing your pattern for free :)

Happy crocheting!



Tuesday 10 May 2016

Teddies for Tragedies - Knit a bear for a child

Do you like knitting? Do you like teddy bears? Do you like helping others, especially children?

Well if the answers are yes, then this is ideal for you.

Coco's Foundation have produced a free pattern and instructions so you can knit teddy bears for children who have suffered tragedy in their life.

The teddies are send to children to make them smile. We all know the comfort a cuddly toy can bring to a child, it can make them feel they have something to 'care' for and something to love of their very own.

That pattern is easy to follow and the bear is knitted in one piece:

Find out more here at the Coco's Foundation website:

Happy knitting!



Saturday 7 May 2016

Turning your crochet granny squares into wall art

Have you ever wanted to display your crochet or other fabric craft work?

This tutorial will show you how to fix your work into a deep frame so that it does not get squashed but is held in place for all to see:- Creating crochet wall art tutorial:

The picture is made using just 4 granny squares held together with flat chain stitch.

If you don't know how to make the granny squares with the daisy centre I have a full tutorial here: and also a tutorial of how to join them with the flat chain stitch crochet technique:

I think they would make lovely gifts and you could even personalise them with a favourite colour or flower centre.

You don't have to do 4, I'm sure one would be equally effective or do lots of very small ones in a fine thread, the possibilities are endless!

Happy crocheting!