Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Amigurumi Christmas Tree Decorations

I came up with this idea for little Christmas Tree decorations one day and through I would share it with you all.

They are REALLY simple to make but I think they look quite effective (hope you agree)

They are made from scraps of left over yarn, made in the round, so very little sewing unless you add the little decorations in which case you will have to just sew in the ends of each one.

I have made a video tutorial here:

The trees can be used on a Christmas Tree as little decorations or by leaving out the tree hanger they can be used as table decorations.

Make them bigger or smaller by using different thicknesses of yarn or different hook sizes.

Terms of use: You are welcome to use the pattern to make decorations to sell, please credit Pookie Doodle Crafts as the designer where possible and please do not claim the pattern as your own.

Happy crocheting!



Saturday, 27 August 2016

Over Handle Double Sided Carry Bag

I was asked if I could design a bag that would fit over the handle of a walking frame enabling you to keep your hands free and not have to carry the bag in your hands.

After thinking it over for a time I came up with this design that is easy to do and the whole bag is worked in one piece with no side seams to sew, they are worked in the round. One thing I don't like sewing up seams so this seemed (excuse the pun) a good way around it.

I also think it will work well as a bag for over the handle of a pushchair or anything with a straight handle, or even over the arm of a chair.

I have made a video tutorial so you can crochet along and make one for yourself, simply click here to watch:

There is no specific sizing and you can make it as big or as small as you like simply by beginning with more or less chains, you can also add in more pockets to suit your needs. It is all explained in the video. 
The one I made and shown in the video measured approx. 24" (from end to end) x 11"wide and used approx. 175g of chunky yarn.

I hope you enjoy making yourself a useful bag

Happy crocheting!



Friday, 12 August 2016

Dragonfly Stitch Crochet

The dragonfly stitch is done in a similar way to the Butterfly Stitch which I showed you a few months ago.

It is a very easy technique to learn but very effective and can be used in a lot of different items such as coasters, mats, shawls and blankets.

In this video I show you how to do just the Dragonfly stitch and in the next one I do a crochet a long (CAL) to show you how to make a small mat or granny square with a Dragonfly Stitch on each side.

Coaster mat/granny square tutorial:

Happy crocheting!



Invisible Decrease in Crochet Technique

I've found this method of decreasing so helpful in my amigurumi and other crochet because it gives a very smooth finish and no bumps that you normally get with a decrease stitch.

It is very simple to do and easy to learn. I've made a video tutorial here showing the method:

Hope you enjoy learning this technique.

Happy crocheting!



Sunday, 10 July 2016

Mediterranean Lace Shawl

I've just started making this shawl from Make My Day Creative. I loved their Summer Sprigs Shawl (which I made last year) so much that I really wanted to have a go at this one too.


I didn't get off to a good start as I went wrong somewhere along the way and it ended up like this, with the end turns totally wrong:

but never despair! After studying the pattern again and the chart I realised where I was going wrong.

One thing to note is that when the pattern says something like "miss 1-ch space" it means literally a space of any number of chains, not a space of one single chain. This is where I wasn't understanding properly and was trying to miss only a space with one chain, but sometimes there wasn't one!

I've now got as far as the two row pattern repeat so it should begin to grow fast now, however I am doing it in between other projects so it might take a while to finish.

One other thing to add is if you print the chart try to do it in colour as the rows are marked in different colours which makes it easier to understand where you are working.

I will update when I've done some more.

Happy crocheting!



Monday, 20 June 2016

Amineko Crochet Toy Cat

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make one, I LOVE CATS! These looked so cute.

The pattern is really well written and set out in an easy to understand way, with diagrams as well as written pattern plus it is FREE. Note that the pattern is written in US crochet terms so you will have to convert to UK terms, however as it is all done in double crochet stitches, that is really easy!

Most of the pieces are made in tube shapes and they make up in a very short time. It took me just a few evenings to make one cat.

When I made the mouth I didn't think it would look right, I held it to the head and almost gave up because it looked 'wrong' , but once it was stuffed lightly and sewed in placed suddenly the face came to life and it looks super.

Don't make my mistake and stuff the arms and legs, they are not stuffed all the way, just in the ends of the paws. I had to undo them and take out the stuffing.  The pattern does say to add plastic beads to the ends for weight but I didn't have any however, it still worked out fine. You can also put beads in the base of the body. I did consider using rice or dried peas but thought if I ever wanted to wash it then the rice/peas would go soggy and the last thing you want is a soggy rice filled cat!

I used a variegated yarn for this one ..... I've named her Candy Cat, she's a very laid back cat...... but it would look just as nice in plain or even two colours.

I'm definitely going to be making more Amineko Cats for my grandchildren, if I can bear to part with them that is!

Find the FREE pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amineko-crocheted-cat

Happy crocheting!



Thursday, 16 June 2016

Simple Crochet Butterflies

I've been making these beautiful little crochet butterflies. They are so lovely and can be used for applique, embellishments or simply as decorations.

The first pattern is called Dainty Butterflies and is designed by Jo Ann Maxwell

They were really easy to make and I did lots in one evening using different yarns, crochet thread and embroidery silks.

I did make a few changes to how I did the antenna, rather than make them from a separate piece of yarn I used the starting and ending threads and slip stitched them to the head and then chained a few stitches. It saved having to weave in the starting thread :)

I also added beads to some of the butterflies on the ends of the larger wings, I thought it added another dimension to them. 

Once finished I made a wash of 40% PVA glue and 60% water, pinned them out and painted them with the stiffening wash, left them to dry and was really pleased with the finished butterflies.

See my video for some close ups of the butterflies: https://youtu.be/5mBdsKelKto

You can find the link to the free pattern here: http://www.crochetmagazine.com/printer.php?mode=article&article_id=3322  

The other pattern is for a butterfly made from 5 hearts

Again this was an easy to follow pattern, you make three hearts for the body and two larger hearts for the wings, adding little antenna to one of the body hearts for the head.

So simple but really effective.

You can find the free pattern here: http://www.goldenlucycrafts.com/free-patterns/crochet-heart-animals-butterfly

The original pattern is in US terms, I had to change it to UK terms.

Happy crocheting!