Monday 22 February 2016

Crochet Baby Comforter/Rabbit Toy and Hat

I made two of these little baby comforters (one to wash and one to use) for a friends granddaughter.

The patterns were really easy to do and they were made in a couple of evenings.

I used Boyes double knitting yarn, a 100g ball of each in white and pink was more than enough to make the two comforters and the hat and there was still yarn to spare to make something else.

For the comforter I used this free pattern by Lucy Tegg:  

The granny square basic comforter was really easy, the rabbit head might be a little more difficult for an in-experienced crocheter but the instructions are very clear and easy to follow so I would say have a go, you can always adapt as your work to get a good finished product. :)

I embroidered closed eyes to make it a sleepy rabbit as it was easier, I'm not great with features! I'm happy with it and think it looks quite cute.

For the hat I used this free pattern by Anna Virginia:

I added my own home made crochet flower, rather than ribbon. The hat was really easy and made in an hour or so.

Happy Crocheting!



Saturday 20 February 2016

Amigumuri Crochet Dust Bunny

Came across this pattern last week and just had to make one of these cute little dust bunnies.

Made using up some oddments of furry yarn I had in my stash, it took only half an hour or so to make. I stuffed this one to make it a soft toy but you could also put a chocolate eggs inside rather than stuff it.

Free pattern available at Amigurumi to Go

Happy Crocheting



Saturday 13 February 2016

Amigurumi crochet Ant

We have a friend called Ant, so what better small gift than a crocheted ant :)

I found this free pattern on Ravelry - it is by Conni and offered free of charge.

Really easy to do I made it in an evening.

Worked in the round so the only sewing was to attach the legs and antenna, I just left a long thread at the top of each leg and threaded it through the body and sewed off.

I used plastic googly eyes and glued them in position, the sort you get in children's crafts but if it was for a child you could sew on the features to make it safer.

He was thrilled with it and I don't think he was just saying that - it now has pride of place in his office :)

Thank you Conni for a fun pattern and free too!