Saturday 2 April 2016

Stand and Work Yarn Holder Bag - Crochet Tutorial

Are you like me and sometimes find it hard to find a clean place for your yarn? I often crochet and knit out doors but the ground can be too dirty for my project bag and I find that my yarn will often fall off my lap and onto the ground, getting dirty. This bag was my solution to the problem and I hope it helps you too.

The bag simply loops over your arm to hold your yarn as you work - I find most bags have the handle the wrong way for this and they won't sit comfortably on your side, hence this design.

Ideal if you often stand at craft fairs and work too, or like I say if you don't have a clean place for your yarn, maybe on a train, bus or outdoors in a chair.

Although it isn't intended as a work/project bag, it would hold small items such as Amigurumi, socks, parts of projects etc. However if you did want a bigger bag there are details in the pattern where to add more rows to make it larger.

There is a full written FREE pattern here both with photos and without:

Pattern including photos:

or if you would like to save on ink and don't need the photos, this link will give you a pdf without photos:

There is also a full video tutorial here:

I used James Brett Marble for the grey bag and Drops Cotton Safran 4 ply for the purple one.

Happy crocheting and let me know if you make it and how you get on - always happy to help if you have problems or if you find any errors let me know.




  1. I love it, I just finished my little tote from your pattern but also I modified mines with little flowers and a little locket in the back.

  2. Meant to say pocket not locket, dang spell!

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  4. LOL Spell check gets me sometimes too! Glad you like your bag, thanks so much for the feedback. :)