Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Bedbug Bear crochet teddy

I just loved this bear as soon as I saw it and the idea that it catches bad dreams and keeps them in it's hat is so cute.

A FREE pattern (thank you Nina!) and easy to follow although there are a few times that it does not actually tell you to repeat the instructions all around the row, but I think only a very new crocheter would be confused so bear that in mind. There is also a point where it does not tell you to stuff before finishing off, but again common sense tells you to stuff it!

I did mine in double knit yarn with a 3.5 mm hook, so it came out larger than the pattern suggests, mine are around 10 inches tall. The hats I did just like the pattern suggests by making some triangles of fabric and sewing to fit. I suppose you could crochet a hat too.

I made these for two of my grandchildren and in the stitches that you do to make it look like scars, on the rear ones - near the tail, I actually made it into their initials so they know whose is whose.

As I mentioned earlier, I also liked the idea that these bears catch bad dreams, so made a label explaining this to go with them.

Link to pattern:https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-bedbugbear

One of my favourite patterns. Thank you again Nina for sharing it for free.

Happy crocheting!



Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sleevless top - Drops Design 'Come Winter' 173-46

I bought too much yarn when I made the Rudolf jumper (you can see it here if you want) so wasn't sure what to do with the left overs, then I saw this pattern for a sleeveless top.

The pattern has open sides, like a poncho, but I didn't like that idea so simply sewed them up.

I didn't have enough yarn to do it all in grey so used the cream and made a split at the centre working one stitch out into the grey on each row to give a V design, I think it gives a nice effect and used up all the left over yarn. I also split the neck as I don't like roll neck, again I think it looks effective and looks nice when worn.

The yarn is Paintbox Simply Chunky and is lovely to work with.

Free pattern "Drops Design 'Come Winter' 173-46" can be found here: https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=7528&cid=17

Happy knitting!



Rudolf Jumper - Drops Design 122/1

I've been planning to do this since last year. Left it too late then so this time started in October. It only took a week to knit, it grew so fast being thick yarn on big needles.

The pattern calls for super chunky but I was worried it would be too hot to wear at Christmas especially if cooking so opted for just a chunky instead, I did a few test pieces to get the tension right for the needles I had. I used 6mm.

I used Paintbox Simply Chunky. First time I've used it and found it lovely to knit with. Unlike some acrylic which can feel quite rough this was very smooth.

Because it is worked in the round there are no side seams to sew (Yay!!) you might have guessed I don't like sewing up knitting :)

The pattern is easy to follow although one thing I would point out to a new knitter is that it says to work stocking stitch, which is one row knit one row purl, however as this jumper is done in the round you only need to knit each row to get the stocking stitch effect.

I changed the colours to my own design. I thought brown reindeer would stand out more and I also felt that as there is only one Ruldof that he should stand out on his own with a red nose while the others have small black noses. I also changed the neck as I don't like roll neck styles. I just did it as the pattern but folded it back and sewed it down.

FREE pattern can be found on Garnstudio https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=4761&cid=17

Happy knitting!



Miniature Cactus Garden

A change from my usual craft, crochet or knitting posts.

I had a lovely shallow vase which had been sent to me many years ago with a flower display in it. For a long time it has stood empty so I decided to do something with it.

I'm not a great gardener so bought some small cacti as I had read they can be fairly easy to grow and I thought they would look nice in the vase.

I used some fine gravel and cactus compost to fill the bowl and after adding the cacti at intervals around the edge with one tall one in the middle, I then added a few large stones which I had.

I'm very pleased with the results and only time will tell how well the cacti grown but I hope they will be slow growing and continue to look nice in the vase  for a long time to come. If not I will re-pot them into something larger.

Happy gardening!



Thursday, 24 August 2017

Crochet Star Wars Ewok

My youngest two grandchildren just love Star Wars and recently they were showing me a book about the films. I commented "oh that looks like a little teddy bear" to which they delighted in telling me they were Ewoks.

They looked so cute that I knew there would be a pattern out there somewhere so off I went to my favourite place, Ravelry and of course I found one! It is by Lucy Collin http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wicket-the-ewok

The pattern is very easy to follow although somehow I did manage to end up with 4 toes on the first one, but never mind, it will help the boys know who's is who's!

The hood did not come down as far as I wanted, it ended just at the bottom of the head,  so I just added more rows to make it longer:

 I used some King Cole Luxe Fur yarn that I had left over from something else, this was used for the face and ears however it is a nightmare to crochet with, you just can't see the stitches. I persevered on the faces but for the ears I made them in plain brown and then sewed the fur yarn over the front, it worked fine.

I used safety eyes and embroidered on the nose and mouth. 

This is the four toed one! 

I just know that my grandchildren are going to love these and can't wait to hand them over.

Really big thank you to Lucy for making this pattern and sharing it for FREE!

Happy crocheting!



Saturday, 12 August 2017

Amigurumi Tiny Sloth

This pattern for a tiny little Sloth is so cute I just couldn't resist having a go.

This is my finished Sloth as you can see it is very small and fits around your thumb. I made it in an hour or two.

I used very small safety eyes as I don't really like embroidering them on and they also give a nice shine. I placed the eyes through the face part before sewing it in place.


I then embroidered around them to give the slanted eye look and added a nose

Lovely pattern, easy to follow with excellent instructions.

Thank you The Twisted Crocheter!

Happy crocheting!



Using Ravelry

I love Ravelry! - www.ravelry.com

Do you use it too?

There is so much available on this website that it is all too numerous to mention, so I will just give you my top five favourites and urge you to go and have a look around yourself.

1. Pattern search

You can search for patterns with lots of filters:
by just a simple one word search e.g. "cat" "amigurumi" "sweater" "coaster"
type of pattern - such as clothing or toys
by name of pattern
designer name
type of craft
yarn weight
hook or needle size
it's rating by others who have made it
search for free patterns only or paid ones too
search by yardage for pattern, if you know the yardage of your stash this helps you use it up.

There are many more options than those above, you are bound to find something to suit what you are looking for. You can also save your favourite search terms.

2. Favourite pattern

When you find a pattern you like you can add it to your favourites to find later.

3. Projects

Here you can save the projects you are currently working on, those you have finished or those you have given up on.
You can save details about it, add photos and notes, what yarn you used, what needle size, where you bought the yarn, link to pattern etc.
You can rate your experiences of the pattern and yarn too.

You can make your projects available to the public or just Ravelry members.

If you blog about your projects you can easilyadd a link to your blog post.

4. Contributions 

Here you can add your own patterns to share with others.

5. Library

Here you can save patterns that you have bought or downloaded for free so you can find them in the future. You can arrange them how you like - I like the 'bookshelf' option, it is easy to navigate and see what you have.

There is also an attached forum where you can discuss patterns and other topics. I haven't used this for chat myself but I did use it when having a problem with a pattern. A search bought up a discussion on the very problem I was having and I was able to get on with the pattern using the tips discussed.

There are tips, help, designers, links to events, messaging service to ask questions of those sharing their patterns. Yarns, books, hooks and other things to buy.

As you can see I love Ravelry and it is my first port of call if I want a pattern.

Here's a good example - last week my grandsons were talking about Star Wars and Ewoks. I said they looked like little teddy bears! I immediately thought "I bet someone has a pattern somewhere to make one" and lo and behold I found one almost straight away! I am currently making one each for my youngest two Star War fans. :)

Another feature I just remembered which I love, is the bookmarklet. Add a Ravelry bookmark to your browser and if you see a pattern on the internet that you like, simply click on it and if the pattern is in the Ravelry database you will be taken straight to it so you can add it to your projects or favourites. Details of how to add a bookmarklet are here: http://www.ravelry.com/blog/110

I hope you go and have a look and find it as amazing as I do.

Happy crafting!