Saturday 30 January 2016

Crochet Loop Stitch, dust mitt pattern and other uses

If you've never tried the loopy crochet stitch that gives a lovely shaggy effect then now is the time to try. Go on, have a go!

I made this quick and simple dust mitt using the loop stitch and it is useful for many projects including toy sheep, hats, scarves etc. the possibilities are endless.

If you don't know how do the loop stitch see my video tutorial here:

Pattern for the dust mitt:

I used double knit and it used around 40g
4mm crochet hook

I use English crochet terms.

Begin by making 52 chain

1st row: double crochet in 2nd chain from hook then one double crochet in each chain to end. (50 sts)
2nd row 2 ch (counts as first dc) one double crochet in next 14 stitches . One loop stitch in each of next 20 stitches. One double crochet in each of next 15 stitches (50 sts)

Repeat rows 1 and 2,  20 times or until the mitt is the correct length for your hand measured from the first chain row. It doesn't have to be exact, same with the width - if you have larger hands simple increase the number of stitches each side.

Once you are happy with the length work the next row as decrease:

2 chain (counts as first stitch); 1 double crochet; **double crochet next two stitches together; one double crochet in next two stitches;** repeat from ** to ** to end.
Next row: Double crochet two stitches together, repeat to end.
Fasten off.

You should now have a piece that looks like this with a centre loopy section and plain each side.

The wrong side will look like this:

Now join the two shortest sides together by folding in half and either crocheting or stitching the seam.

Next flatten it out so the loopy section is central with the plain sections at the back and the seam in the centre.

You are going to turn it inside out now and sew the top together. The decreased end will be the cuff.

Once finished, turn it back with the loopy side out and you are ready to get dusting!

 Happy crocheting!

Terms of use:
The pattern is free to use for personal use only. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, distribute physically or digitally or put the pattern on your own blog/website - instead please provide a link back to my blog or Ravelry pattern link. Please do not claim the pattern as your own. Please credit Pookie Doodle Crafts as the designer and provide a link where possible. If you make something similar using my idea please add "inspired by Pookie Doodle Crafts" and if you let me know I will promote yours too - I think we should all work together to share ideas :)
The items you make: You may do what you like with the items you make from the pattern but please give me credit for the design where possible. I would love to see your creations please do share them. If you sell them and make a reasonable profit please consider making a little donation to a charity from it - I would really appreciate that and thank you in advance :)




Crochet Amigurumi Chocolate Easter Egg Holders - chick, rabbit and sheep

I was looking for something that I could make to hold a chocolate Easter egg for my grandchildren.

I found these super patterns for chicks, sheep and a rabbit - thank you so much to the people who make them and share for free.

I adapted some of them slightly so that I could put the small chocolate Easter Egg inside and then when they are finished with I will stuff and sew them up.

The first one is by Jacutesy for a little chick hatching from its egg.
Pattern here:

I worked the pattern until there were 27 stitches on the 'egg' and fastened off then sewed it to the shell leaving a gap at the back to put the egg inside. I did one with wings and legs and the other just in its shell.

These two chicks were super simple.
Link to pattern by Dedri: 

All done in one piece and even crocheted together so the only sewing was the eyes. I did  one with buttons for eyes and one with french knots.

I left the back seam open slightly to allow me to put the egg inside.

I loved doing these - a chick, a rabbit and a sheep.

Link to pattern  at Craftaholics Anonymous here:

These did not need any alteration as they were made to hold a chocolate egg. Really easy to do, all made in one evening. If you need help in doing the loopy stitches on the sheep see my video tutorial here:

If you would like to see these in the flesh ... or should that be 'wool' see my video of them here:

Happy crocheting and happy Easter!



Sunday 24 January 2016

Finding free storage options by using food packaging

Don't you just love using packaging as little storage boxes? Oh no,  go on, tell me it's just me that finds such delight! Hee hee

We sometimes treat ourselves to a special pudding from the supermarket, something indulgent - naughty but nice - and they often come in these really nice plastic dishes with lids which seem too nice to throw away.

After a quick wash they are really useful as storage for small items, I've got most of my buttons separated by colour now.

Just need a couple more - a good excuse for a nice sweet :)



Friday 22 January 2016

Butterfly Stitch Crochet Tutorial

This is a beautiful stitch with very pretty results.

There are many ways to incorporate the stitch into your work so it is hard to do a tutorial covering every possibility, I will therefore just give the basic pattern for a "granny square" style and you can then have a go and try it out in different designs. Below are a few that I've tried:

You can also see my video here if you find watching a tutorial easier: 

I also have a PDF chart if you prefer, this can be found in the downloads here:

Begin by crocheting a base on which to work, I did some two rows of 15 trebles.

Butterfly Row 1: 3 chain turn which counts as the first treble, 3 trebles (in each of the trebles in row below), 7 chain, miss 7 trebles, 4 trebles (in each of the trebles in row below)

Butterfly Row 2: Repeat row 1. It should now look like this:

Butterfly Row 3: 3 chain turn which counts as the first treble, 3 trebles (in each of the trebles in row below), two trebles in next treble of row below. 2 chain, then work a double treble into the centre treble of your base row. eg. in the trebles below the first space. See pictures below where I've tried to show the stitch you are looking for.
The double treble will go around the chains to bring them together to form the wings. 2 chain, two trebles in next treble of row below, 3 trebles (in each of the trebles in row below)

Butterfly Row 4: 3 chain turn which counts as the first treble, 4 trebles (in each of the trebles in row below) 2 trebles in the two chain space, 1 treble in the double treble of row below, 2 trebles in the two chain space, one treble in each of the trebles in the row below.

Finish off with one or two rows of trebles or add your own border.

You can now see the butterfly design, you can use this in lots of ways - I hope you have fun trying it out.

Here I did four butterflies around the edge:

Happy Crocheting!



Saturday 16 January 2016

Crochet Dolphin Amigurumi and Love Birds

These are a couple of Amigurumi that I did in 2014 and 2015, a dolphin and love birds

The dolphin was little gift for my granddaughter who loves dolphins. (Yes that's what its supposed to be :))
I didn't have a pattern so just sat with a crochet hook and some blue and white yarn, an hour later this little chap was done. I fixed a keyring chain fixed to the top before stuffing. Quite pleased with him, can never seem to get the eyes right though.

Then there are this little pair of little love birds made for some good friends for their wedding in 2014.
I adapted the pattern in the following link, making the tails a bit longer and adding a bit of colour with the flowers and a piece of net for the veil.…/t…/116015-lovebirds-amigurumi/

The best thing about amigurumi is that it can be made really quickly.

Happy crocheting!