My To-Do List!

I've decided to put all the things I fancy making in a to-do list so that I can find them again!

Love this corner to corner blanket, an unusual design and looks easy to do

Really pretty hair combs:

Another beautiful shawl by Make My Day Creative:

This doily looks beautiful:

A beautiful crochet rose pattern:

I love these little crochet pram applique embellishments.

Cute little cats in hats - written in English -

I love this shawl from MyPicot:
I'm quite into making shawls at the moment but would want to try this in something a little finer.

This 'pineapple top' in crochet looks really nice and floaty, super for a summer day. This is a pattern that has to be bought, not free, but considering the work involved in creating it, i think it might be worth it.

Another shawl, knitted this time. Really beautiful: 

Little Sheep pattern:

Summer hat by Drops/Garnstudio:

I am also listing things I find on both Ravelry www.ravelry/people/pookiedoodle and Pinterest 



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