Thursday 24 August 2017

Crochet Star Wars Ewok

My youngest two grandchildren just love Star Wars and recently they were showing me a book about the films. I commented "oh that looks like a little teddy bear" to which they delighted in telling me they were Ewoks.

They looked so cute that I knew there would be a pattern out there somewhere so off I went to my favourite place, Ravelry and of course I found one! It is by Lucy Collin

The pattern is very easy to follow although somehow I did manage to end up with 4 toes on the first one, but never mind, it will help the boys know who's is who's!

The hood did not come down as far as I wanted, it ended just at the bottom of the head,  so I just added more rows to make it longer:

 I used some King Cole Luxe Fur yarn that I had left over from something else, this was used for the face and ears however it is a nightmare to crochet with, you just can't see the stitches. I persevered on the faces but for the ears I made them in plain brown and then sewed the fur yarn over the front, it worked fine.

I used safety eyes and embroidered on the nose and mouth. 

This is the four toed one! 

I just know that my grandchildren are going to love these and can't wait to hand them over.

Really big thank you to Lucy for making this pattern and sharing it for FREE!

Happy crocheting!



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