Saturday 3 October 2020

Short Story by C.J. Brady crochet cowl pattern review

 I think this is one of my favourite C.J. Brady patterns, so quick and easy it can be made in a couple of evenings.

It is a cowl/infinity scarf which can be made larger around the neck if necessary, instructions in the pattern although I just did the basic pattern instructions and it fits me fine.

It has a panel in the centre with patterned edge which comes down to a point at the centre front.

I did make a mistake on my first one, on row 41 it gives the row instructions then says repeat twice, I thought this meant you do the instruction then repeat two more times, making three in total but it actually means do it twice only. If you study the diagram you can see how it looks. The mistake didn't spoil the cowl, unless you studied it and knew about the mistake you wouldn't know it was wrong so I didn't bother undoing it.

The pattern is well written with a diagram and stitch count chart. 

The first one I did in Cygnet Watercolour yarn, it is a double knit and made a warm cosy cowl. It took about 60g of DK so you can't quite get two from one 100g ball which is a shame.

I then made a second one which I called Short Story - The Sequel!

This one I did in a hand dyed merino and nylon 4ply sock yarn. It used about 40g. The colours looked lovely and really defined the pattern.

 The pattern can be bought on Ravelry or on CJ Brady's Etsy shop.

I've done quite a few of her patterns which you can find on the blog by searching the tag C.J.Brady

Happy crocheting!


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