Sunday 20 March 2016

Tutorial for quick and simple eyes for soft toys and Amigurumi

If you want eyes for soft toys and Amigurumi but don't want to embroider them on ....... as in my French Knot Tutorial:  .......or you don't want to use plastic safety eyes, then this is another option, made from knotted yarn they are really easy to do.

Begin with a standard start to a knot:

and twist the ends around the loop one or two times, the more you do the bigger the eye will be (make sure you do the same number on each side):

Slowly pull each end, (go slowly so as not to get the yarn in a knot before you are ready):

 as you pull the knot will get smaller and smaller:

Once it is finished you can thread the ends on a needle and sew them to the toy:

For even bigger eyes you could double over the yarn or use much thicker yarn, such as chunky or Aran.

If you would like to see how it is done, you can watch my video here:

Happy toy making!



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