Monday 28 September 2015

Crochet Photo Star - Free Pattern

I've finally finished writing the pattern for the crochet photo star.

This is an all year round pattern and can be used for wall art photo frames but is also ideal as Christmas decorations for tree or wall, or to give as gifts.

This is the first pattern I've ever written, even though I've been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years and wow was it hard! Creating the Photostar was easy, it took just an hour to design, but writing down the instructions so that a novice could understand proved to be quite a feat so I take my hat off to those who create patterns on a regular basis.

Download Pattern by clicking here

If you have any problems or questions please do get in touch. 

I would also love to see photos of your finished items, please share them here or on my Facebook page

There is also a video tutorial here:  

The pattern is free to download, however please do read the terms of use at the bottom of the pattern before you begin.

Happy crocheting!

Update October 2015:

I noticed an error in the pattern so have corrected the written pattern and added an error message to the video. If you downloaded the pattern prior to October please either download v3 above, or simply add 1 extra treble in the starting ring - there should be 18 sts not 17 as mentioned in first pattern - sorry about that, I said this pattern writing wasn't easy!

Having made quite a few now it suddenly came to me that you could perhaps add a chocolate coin instead of a photo, might be nice for the children at Christmas.


  1. An easy to follow pattern producing a 5-pointed star with the ability to add a photo in the centre. Well done.

  2. Thank you for the feedback on how easy the pattern was to follow Wendy, much appreciated :)

  3. Noticed an error in the original pattern - new pattern v2 added to the post above. Apologies for that.