Monday 28 December 2015

Butterfly stitch crochet shawl

After the success of my Summer Sprigs scarf I felt like getting into some more fine lace type work so have begun another but larger project.

This is more a shawl that a scarf and as it begins at the neck you can make it as long as you wish.

The design is by njSharon and DebiAdams and can be found as a free download on Ravlery:

I am doing it in the 100% mercerised crochet cotton again which I used for the Summer Sprigs Scarf. This time I am using Ecru, which has a nice shiny gold look to it. I am using a 2.00 mm crochet hook.

I'm tempted to try some bead work on the edging, something I've never done before but will see how it looks when finished. You can add a choice of edging, or your own if you wish so I might find something that would work well with a bead on each point, I am thinking that it would give a bit of edge weight to the shawl too.

As you can see the design makes little butterfly shapes which are staggered on alternate rows, they are easy to do using chain stitch and a long double treble which draws up the chains by being placed in one of the rows below.

Each pattern repeat (4 rows) adds another butterfly at each end so the shawl grows very quickly. I only started this yesterday and is just a few hours of work so far.

It is worth noting that the pattern is written in US crochet terms so you will have to convert them to English terms. However, it only uses basic stitches so it was really easy to go through the pattern to change them. There is also a drawn chart of the stitches included in the pattern.

I will post updates when the shawl has grown a little more.

The shawl is now finished and you can see more details and photos here:

Happy crocheting!

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    1. Thanks Marsha, I'm always amazed how wonderful these people are who make such lovely patterns and then give them away for free. It's so kind of them.