Wednesday 15 February 2017

Victorian Lattice Square Crochet Tutorial Crochet along (CAL)

Someone asked if I could do them a video tutorial for a Victorian Lattice Square because they could not follow written patterns.

I don't do videos of other people's patterns unless I am sure they won't mind and I managed to find a lovely Lattice Square pattern on Ravelry by Destany Wymore where she said she was happy for people to translate them if they wanted.

You can find Destany's original pattern here:

I made just a few changes to the way the rounds start and end because I find it easier that way.

You can find the full step by step video tutorial here where you can crochet along (CAL) to each round:


Please credit Destany as the designer of this square in any posts, blogs etc. and link back to her Ravelry store or profile - thank you.

I did this one in 4ply cotton and as you can see the edges are a bit uneven so it could do with blocking just to get the shape correct.

Happy crocheting!



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