Thursday 16 February 2017

Curly 'self tying' scarf

This is a really easy scarf to make and it is done in just a few rows!

Once made it is so curly that just by wrapping it over itself it stays in place and holds together in a 'self-tying' way.

I made it in a DK cotton yarn with a little bit of silver running through it which gave it a nice sparkly look. I used a 5mm hook and it took 150g for a scarf with 180 starting chains.

If you want a longer scarf you can begin with as many chains as you need to get the length of scarf you are looking for - keep chaining and holding it around your neck until you have about the length you want.

Worked in UK terms:

Double Knit Cotton yarn - 150g approx.
5mm hook

Foundation row: Make 180 chains or the number you require for your own length

Row 1: one double crochet in second chain from hook, one double crochet in each chain until last one then work 3 double crochet into this last chain.
Do not turn, work down the other side into the loops of the foundation chains working one double crochet in each. Turn

Row 2: chain 2, work 2 double crochet in each double crochet of previous row to end. Turn

Row 3: 3 chain then work two trebles in each double crochet of previous row to end. Turn.

Row 4: 3 chain then two trebles in each treble of previous row to end.

Fasten off, weave in ends and wear!

Terms of use: Please feel free to share the pattern but please don't copy and paste the pattern - please link back to my page instead - thank you.

Happy crocheting!



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