Wednesday 18 November 2015

Light and Lacy Crochet - A Summer Scarf

I was looking for a project that would be easy to carry, I didn't want any bulky knitting like jumpers on circular needles this time, I needed something that would fit in a small bag and I could carry with me to work on when I felt like it.

I've decided on this 'Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf' by Esther - you can find the pattern here:

It looks perfect for what I want and I am trying it in a 100% mercerised crochet cotton, which I got from 'Boyes', a British high street store, I'm using a 2.00mm crochet hook.

The pattern is worked over 386 stitches which are decreased on each row to finally end at the point of the scarf. A two row edging is then applied to finish it off. The main area is a one row pattern repeat and I've read that it is easy to remember once you get into it.

So far so good, I've not had any problems with the pattern so far and it is easy to understand and there is also a drawn chart for those who prefer their stitches shown in diagram form, rather than written. The picture below shows three rows so you can see how fine the work is but I'm finding it easy enough to see the stitches in the white yarn and as each row decreases it should grow quickly.

I'm hoping this will be a nice scarf for a Spring or Summer evening.

I will let you know how it progresses!

Happy crocheting!



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