Sunday 8 November 2015

Cats and crafts

I am very much a cat lover and cats or kittens feature in many of my creations.

Here are just a few, there are more which I will post about on another day:

Cat footstool - this was a tapestry design taken from the Crafty Cat Workbasket by Julie S. Hasler

I changed the design from that in the book to match the colours of my black and white cat at that time. The footstool was made from a piece of wood with some wadding placed between the tapestry and then the tapestry was held in place with decorative wood pins. (Similar to drawing pins but a little stronger, available from most hardware stores). I then added four small legs at each corner. Alternatively you might be able to pick up a small footstool from a charity shop and alter the design to fit the size.

Another design from the same book was this cross stitch scented bag. Once the cross stitch was finished I added a backing and a lace edge then filled it with a little soft wadding soaked in perfume.

You can still purchase this book at Amazon: The Crafty Cat Workbasket

These decorated T. Shirts were made using the 'Waste Canvas' technique.

Waste Canvas is a type of cross stitch canvas, it has an even weave. At the time I used waste canvas that was single threads and when you have finished your cross stitch you simply pull out each thread, from the top and then from the side, leaving your cross stitch in place on the work. You can still purchase this type of canvas but you can also now get waste canvas that will dissolve when wet thus providing another way of removing it. Here is an example, but it is available in many different counts: Waste Canvas

One tip for working with waste canvas is to make sure you do not catch any of the canvas in your stitches as you work, otherwise it will not pull out when you have finished.
I did two patterns both taken from 'Cute Cats and Teddy Bears' by Debbie Minton, one was a cat face and the other a sleeping kitten.

They look very effective when worn and many people were keen to know where I had got the T. Shirt.

You can still purchase this book at Amazon here: Cute Cats and Teddy Bears
I hope you have fun if you have a go at making something 'catty' :) I will come back another day and share my plastic canvas cat creations, a large cat tapestry and cat face cushion.

Happy crafting!



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