Saturday 12 December 2015

Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf Crochet Pattern Review

If you saw my post from last month you would have read that I was looking for a project that was light and easy to carry. I wanted something to make while I was away on a winter holiday and this pattern really fit the bill. It fitted easily into a small bag to carry around with me and crochet when the fancy took me.

It took 2 weeks to complete and the pattern is easy to follow with drawn diagrams too to help describe the stitches and where they go on the pattern.
It is a free pattern by Esther at Make My Day Creative and it certainly did make my day and the finished scarf is beautiful and it cost me just £3.20 (Nov 2015) using 100% mercerised crochet cotton from 'Boyes' the high street store.
The nearest yarn I can find online to what I used is this crochet cotton on Amazon: 
I used a 2.00 mm needle and used all but a few yards of the ball. (I began to wonder if I was going to run out at one point!)

You could use many other yarns such as light lace ones, alpaca, cottons and wool. You might need to block some of the other yarns but I didn't find it necessary with the cotton I used.

Below is a link to a video so you can see just what my finished scarf looks like.

I would like to thank Esther at for making and sharing for FREE such a beautiful pattern.

Happy crocheting!



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