Monday 28 March 2016

Tiny Amigurumi cats using kinder egg middles

These stripey little amigurumi cats were so easy to make and fun to do.

My grandson kindly 'donated' the plastic middle from a Kinder Surprise egg he got at Easter and was thrilled with the result.

You can fill the plastic centre with rice, beads etc. if you want it to rattle (but make sure it is safe before giving to a young child!).

They are very small so the work was quite fiddly but well worth persevering as they are really cute and only took me about an hour to make.

Ideal way to use up small amounts of yarn, you need something around 4ply or thinner and I used a 2.00 hook which was slightly larger than that suggested as I didn't have a 1.75mm one but it all came out ok.

I did change the tail slightly as I was finding such a small circle of 8 stitches very hard to hold for a long length of time and crocheting so instead  I crocheted it across ways 10 stitches in stripes back and forth and then rolled the tail lengthwise and sewed it together.

Big thanks to Kristi Tullus for making the pattern and giving it away for FREE! You can find the pattern here:



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