Friday 4 March 2016

Amigurumi Little Bee - Free pattern and tutorial

I'm buzzzzzzzing with excitement at having made my own little bee!

I searched all over for something that looked like what I wanted but couldn't find anything so decided to have a go.

I find it quite easy to make things, but writing down what I did into an understandable pattern always proves quite tricky but hopefully I've done it - let me know if you find any mistakes though. :)

You can download the free pattern here as a pdf:

and you can find a video tutorial here if you want to CAL - crochet along:

The bee is done in one piece for the body and head and the legs and antenna are really easy to do, made mainly from chain stitches.

The wings are worked by going along both sides of chain stitches.

Happy crocheting if you get 'buzzy' making a bee!



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