Thursday 29 August 2019

Fire and Ice Shawl Pattern Review


This pattern makes a lovely shawl, I used the recommended yarn Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball metallic. "Moonstone" shade.

It is beautiful to work with and although described as an aran yarn it is much thinner, works more like a double knit to me. It is cotton and acrylic with added metallic thread.

I used a 6mm crochet hook to get the recommended gauge.

The pattern is by Marie Segares and is easy to follow, a free version is available on Marie's blog or you can buy a pdf ready made copy. Full details on Ravelry here:

I did get a little confused with the instructions - for instance at the end of some rows it says "(Decrease 1 st to an even number of sts)" I thought this meant that you then decreased at the end of the row but what it is actually doing is just confirming what you have done in that row, you've decreased one stitch

After reading some comments on Ravelry I understood it better and I think once you get into actually working something it makes more sense than just reading a pattern. 

It is worked from side to side, starting at one point, working to a wide centre then decreasing down to the other side point.

One thing I did not like was the idea of making a separate small circle and stitching it on to the end to match the start. This is simply because I really hate sewing/joining :)

So, once I had come to the end instead of cutting my yarn I slip stitched over the the other side to make a small loop and into this I crocheted 6 trebles (dc in US terms) and weaved in the end to make it into a circle. It looks fine and certainly matches the start and any discrepancies, if there are any,  are hidden by the multi colour of the yarn. That's the best thing about multi colour yarns, they hide a multitude of sins. :)

I did work the edging stitches, someone said they didn't bother as they thought it did not look right as the colours changed along the row due to the yarn changes, but I think mine looked lovely and was happy with it. It's whatever suits you that matters.

I would highly recommend this pattern.

Happy crocheting!



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