Tuesday 29 December 2015

Plastic carrier bag holder - free pattern

I'm feeling inventive today!

Are you like me and still getting used to carrying a plastic bag with you when you go shopping? - Here in the UK we now pay 5p for plastic carrier bags in the shops.

I've always been used to taking large bags for supermarket shopping but I seem to forget that I now need one for all items, including clothes!

I don't mind paying 5p for one if I have to but it seems better to recycle where we can and I've found my pockets now bulge with bags or things get tangled in them in my handbag, keys get caught up and I pull things out when trying to get the bag out.

Maybe it's just me and you've all found a way to stop your plastic bag from unfolding in your handbag! Oh you clever lot. But not me, no I needed a solution so today I came up with this little invention, a crochet plastic bag holder which can fit neatly into your pocket or handbag keeping the plastic bag tightly packed until needed.

All you need is:

One elastic hair band
Oddment of yarn - I used double knit
Crochet hook - I used 4 mm
A plastic carrier bag

If you don't have any elastic hair ties you could use some plain elastic and tie or sew it into a circle.

To begin you need to crochet around the elastic - if you need to know how to do this you can follow my instructions for crocheting around hoops and rings in this video here, the technique is the same:

Note that I use UK crochet terms:

First round: You will be crocheting around the hair tie -  Crochet 2 double crochet followed by two chain - repeat 4 times more and join with a slip stitch into the first double crochet. (20 stitches) - The reason for adding the chains is to allow the elastic to stretch more easily, if you did all double crochet it might be too tight.

2nd round: 3 chain, one treble in every stitch (e.g: one treble in each double crochet and one treble in each chain) - join with a slip stitch when you get back to the first 3 chain.

3rd - 6th round: Repeat 2nd round 4 times more

7th round: 3 chain, decrease by working one treble into two stitches, repeat to end and join round with a slip stitch

8th Round: Repeat round 7

Fasten off, cut yarn leaving a large enough tail to thread through end to close any remaining hole, sew in end. Also sew in end of starting thread.

You can now roll up your bag and stuff it into the holder. The elastic band will stretch to allow it to pass through but then close up to keep it inside.

Note: for larger bags just increase size either by doing more rows/rounds or by using a larger hook and thicker yarn. You will also need a larger hair tie or use elastic made into a ring.

You could also add a key chain so that you can fasten your bag holder to your handbag so you always have it with you.

  The possibilities are endless and you could make all sorts of designs, I put this together in a matter of minutes, but you can spend some time with colours and design - have fun!

Happy crocheting!

Terms of use:
The pattern is free to use for personal use only. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, distribute physically or digitally or put the pattern on your own blog/website - instead please provide a link back to my blog or Ravelry pattern link. Please do not claim the pattern as your own. Please credit Pookie Doodle Crafts www.pookiedoodlecrafts.co.uk as the designer and provide a link where possible. If you make something similar using my idea please add "inspired by Pookie Doodle Crafts" and if you let me know I will promote yours too - I think we should all work together to share ideas :)
The items you make: You may do what you like with the items you make from the pattern but please give me credit for the design where possible. I would love to see your creations please do share them. If you sell them and make a reasonable profit please consider making a little donation to a charity from it - I would really appreciate that and thank you in advance :)





  1. Brilliant idea and just what I needed earlier today when I went to the shops and had to carry things in my hands!! Being a cheapskate I refuse to buy plastic bags, especially when we have so many at home.

  2. Glad it is not just me Wendy, I too begrudge paying when I have bags full at home!
    I'm working on some amigurmuri ideas today, same idea but little animals. :) - Watch this space!