Saturday 16 January 2016

Crochet Dolphin Amigurumi and Love Birds

These are a couple of Amigurumi that I did in 2014 and 2015, a dolphin and love birds

The dolphin was little gift for my granddaughter who loves dolphins. (Yes that's what its supposed to be :))
I didn't have a pattern so just sat with a crochet hook and some blue and white yarn, an hour later this little chap was done. I fixed a keyring chain fixed to the top before stuffing. Quite pleased with him, can never seem to get the eyes right though.

Then there are this little pair of little love birds made for some good friends for their wedding in 2014.
I adapted the pattern in the following link, making the tails a bit longer and adding a bit of colour with the flowers and a piece of net for the veil.…/t…/116015-lovebirds-amigurumi/

The best thing about amigurumi is that it can be made really quickly.

Happy crocheting!


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