Saturday 30 January 2016

Crochet Amigurumi Chocolate Easter Egg Holders - chick, rabbit and sheep

I was looking for something that I could make to hold a chocolate Easter egg for my grandchildren.

I found these super patterns for chicks, sheep and a rabbit - thank you so much to the people who make them and share for free.

I adapted some of them slightly so that I could put the small chocolate Easter Egg inside and then when they are finished with I will stuff and sew them up.

The first one is by Jacutesy for a little chick hatching from its egg.
Pattern here:

I worked the pattern until there were 27 stitches on the 'egg' and fastened off then sewed it to the shell leaving a gap at the back to put the egg inside. I did one with wings and legs and the other just in its shell.

These two chicks were super simple.
Link to pattern by Dedri: 

All done in one piece and even crocheted together so the only sewing was the eyes. I did  one with buttons for eyes and one with french knots.

I left the back seam open slightly to allow me to put the egg inside.

I loved doing these - a chick, a rabbit and a sheep.

Link to pattern  at Craftaholics Anonymous here:

These did not need any alteration as they were made to hold a chocolate egg. Really easy to do, all made in one evening. If you need help in doing the loopy stitches on the sheep see my video tutorial here:

If you would like to see these in the flesh ... or should that be 'wool' see my video of them here:

Happy crocheting and happy Easter!



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