Wednesday 23 September 2015

Drops/Garnstudio knitted Bolero Jacket - Pattern number 130-12

This is my experience of using the Drops/Garnstudio free pattern for the knitted Bolero Jacket Pattern number 130-12

This is a short Bolero jacket and although the pattern is not a difficult one I did find myself undoing it several times. There are lots of different panels made with simple stitches such as stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch, garter st etc. but I kept forgetting which I was doing and would knit when I should be purling or purl when I should be knitting. Concentration is definitely needed for this pattern!

The pieces are made into a curved shape by making short rows: You do a row half way, then turn around and go back, then the next two rows are knitted normally, then you repeat the process. It is quiet effective and easy to do.
Once the pieces are finished the two sides are sewn around the back piece, the pattern gives really good instructions on how to do this, with diagrams showing which piece joins where.

The sides and back have a pretty half diamond pattern running through them.


The two side pieces were a bit difficult to join as each had a point from the pattern (as shown below), I joined them by folding back the point, but wonder if I did something wrong, although I'm sure I followed the pattern carefully. I did change the sleeves slightly as I wanted them a bit different to the pattern.

You can also see my video here:

I used Drops Love You 5 which is an aran yarn, 100% recycled cotton. The recommended yarn is Drops Paris, but Love You 5 is listed as an alternative.

Hope I've helped you decide if this pattern is for you!

Happy knitting!


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