Tuesday 22 September 2015

Writing patterns

Hi all,

I've been away this last week but haven't been idle! I'm working on writing a pattern for a crochet Christmas decoration which will hold a small photo of a loved one, or without a photo if you want - it works just as well as a decoration.

Wow, I never thought writing a pattern would be so hard! Designing it was easy and within an hour or so I'd created quite a few, but when it comes to actually writing out the instructions so that a novice can follow it is proving to be much harder than it sounds. I take my hat off to all you pattern writers!

So bear with me and the pattern and tutorial video will be available soon - I appreciate that Christmas is just around the corner when it comes to knitting and crocheting items so I will be as quick as possible, hopefully early next week.

Happy crafting!

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