Wednesday 9 September 2015

Haze jacket by Drops Design/Garnstudio, Free Pattern Number 150-22

"Haze" Jacket from Drops/Garnstudio, knitted in Drops Big Delight 100% Wool.

This is knitted diagonally starting in the bottom corner, on circular needles so you can fit on all the stitches. A really easy pattern as it is knitted in garter stitch (all rows knit) the varigated yarn making the pattern, plus being a thick aran yarn it grew very quickly.

I loved doing this and would definitely do it again. The back is really effective and is created by starting the back pieces in the corner on two stitches and the putting both sides on the needles, by decreasing at the centre it makes the effect of the yarn into a 'V' shape.

Lovely and warm for an Autumn evening, I've had lots of compliments on it.

Remember being wool that you need to take care when washing or it will shrink!

Pictures show front and back view:

Lots of colours to choose from, this one is greys and creams. Free pattern

Video of the finished item and some details of how it was worked:


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